Organic Super Green (ROC937)

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Purely Inspired Organic Greens Powder smoothie mix delivers 39 superfoods, 18 vitamins & minerals and active probiotics with just 1 scoop. 40 Calories per serving.

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Our Organic Super Greens are thoughtfully crafted with a nutritious blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidants, fiber & pre and probiotics to support your overall digestive health to help you feel amazing.


Made with ingredients you can trust, our Greens Blend are Certified Organic by CCOF, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Plant Based, Kosher and Non GMO.


Packed with 2 full servings of wholesome fruits, vegetables, vitamins & minerals in every scoop, our Greens Blend ensures you are getting the right amount of nutrients to support overall health and immunity.


Packed with superfoods, our Greens Blend provides that extra boost to your day. With added probiotics, our Greens Blend promote healthy gut bacteria so you can feel your best!

Organic Super Green

Potent, nutrient-filled organic super greens powder with antioxidant superfoods, probiotics, digestive enzymes, matcha powder, and adaptogenic herbs for easy nutrition. Supports healthy digestive function, detoxification, healthy energy, reduces occasional gas & bloating, and helps maintain healthy gut microflora.

Key Product Features

Gluten Free

All Natural.


Zero Added Sugar.

Corn Free.

Lactose Free.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good product terrible flavor

My husband likes how this makes him feel but he is not a fan of the flavor. He did say after a few times of taking it, the flavor started to grow on him. I just tried it for the first time today in a fruit smoothie and I didn’t like the flavor at all. I guess we shall see how I feel from it.


I love it! i got it as a substitute for bloom greens and i think it’s a great dupe. The taste with water on its own is pretty okay it kinda tastes like sweet sea weed but the aftertaste is kinda gross LOL, but with smoothies it’s not noticeable

Nutritional boost

I was looking for something that would help me get extra nutrients as I am newly pregnant. I put this in a smoothie every morning. I don’t notice a bad taste at all. And I’m not sure if it’s all in my head but I do notice a boost in my energy. The price is definitely right!